A message from Luna Trips CEO to our Network

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has naturally been generating concerns all around the world, we want to ensure our network of partners and travelers that we are facing the current situation with the same people-first mentality that has always guided our existence.

We are living and facing a global virus outbreak which is all about public health and safety, not companies or stocks. It affects every single one of us, and addressing it has become a matter of civic participation and mutual respect for one another.

It is our strong belief that it is now time to give back. We need to step up as individuals, leaders and community members, and ensure we all follow the guidelines and recommendations offered by governments, as well as local, national and worldwide authorities.

This is why we developed new and improved cleaning methods and a new flexible cancellation policy.

As Marie Curie said: 

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Hermes Helmis

Coronavirus information

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Greece as well, Luna Trips is following the World Health Organisation in regards to the security measures to adopt and the directions of the Greek government. This is why we are adapting our cancellation and modification terms for eligible bookings and these may evolve according to the guidelines communicated by the WHO.

Which bookings are eligible for the specific cancellation terms?

Bookings concerned should have one of more of the following criteria:

Bookings departing from a red zone or dates falling within the alert dates put in place.

Renters who are not able to get to the destination of where the hire vehicle is, for medical or sanitary reasons, due to official transport restrictions, airline or land transport cancellations initiated by transport companies, due to the COVID-19, or suspect and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Renters who tested positive or suspect to be infected by the coronavirus (medical supporting documents required).

If events are cancelled and were the aim of the trip (concert, cultural event, sports event, etc).

What is the specific cancellation policy applicable?

Renters and Luna Trips eligible can agree to a change of dates for their trip, at no extra cost. If this is possible contact our team by email indicating the new dates of your trip.

If this is not possible, the booking can be cancelled according to our cancellation policy.

We understand that cancellations are not ideal, even if they occur due to a valid reason. Please don’t forget that cancellations due to COVID-19 are first and foremost a safety regulation to protect the health of our community.

In the event of a change of dates, the initial cost of the booking will remain the same, no matter what rates are set for future dates (except insurance costs).


A Camping Road Trip can be used as Social Distancing in the Wake of the Coronavirus! Interestingly, as cases of COVID-19 mounted in Japan and also know in the USA during the outbreak phase of the virus, so did campground reservations.

  1. Camping provided families with a way to isolate themselves from others so choose your RV or even your catamaran and relax!
  1. Studies show that when a person breathes in the fresh air near plant life, they are also busting the white blood cells that attack viruses and tumors known as “forest bathing”.
  1. Going camping also provides opportunities to exercise that you may not normally have. And trust us, through our Lunatrips network we have more than enough to provide!
  1. A deep clean is much easier in a camper van and a yacht instead of a hotel or appartment complex. With the use of a powerful ecological, anti allergic and kids friendly andisinfectant detergent, we disinfect our Luna vehicles so that no viruses can be transmitted between travellers!
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