Name: Eclipse

Size: 5.99m (length) x 2.2m (width) x 3.1 (height)

A perfect combination of an A’ class luxurious motorhome/automobile and a large campervan’s maneuverability. This RV is the “Rolls-Royce” of the category. This rare “galuxurious” Hymer Limited B 508 CL model is one of the very popular non-fixed bed layouts and has the added benefit of measuring only 5.99m overall length accommodating up to 4 travelers. It is built on a Fiat chassis and comes with a powerful diesel double turbo engine. Compact, versatile, and more discreet than all other motorhomes/automobiles, is perfect for long and short road trips, fits the urban environment and is easy to drive and park. Hire our “big small” for flexibility on your road trip in and out the city. The pull down roof mounted bed saves you space and time since you always have your bed ready for a lunar sleep. Specialized for a couple and two children but can sleep also three large sized adults.

Sleeps:                  2 Adults + 2 Adults

Vehicle’s Specs:

ABS, GPS, Hydraulic Wheel, Led lights, Air Bubbles, Electrical Door step,

All books and manuals usage and operation of all devices.


*Maximum possible Discount 10%


Preis von: 130 pro Nacht (+Steuern und Gebühren)



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