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The interior of our RVs & Yachts is ideal throughout the year, as the spacious indoor lounge offers a luxurious and cozy experience, with the possibility of heating system. Every month is different and fully exploitable. During the summertime, you can enjoy swimming to the sea as the waters are warmer, while during the colder months you can travel to the snowy mountains or the quiet fishing villages, experience the tranquility and get to know the Greek way of life. In the quietest months, guests will have the opportunity to live the Luna Trip RVs & Yachts experience at a fairly low cost. Low fares but high cares though!

The plus (+)

Freedom and Privacy

With a Luna RV or Yacht camper you can customize your holiday schedule to last minute and be able to arrange how much time you wish to spend on a place, as well as add or remove a destination in your timetable. But you will always have your private space secured. What more wonderful and closer to the absolute freedom than that?

Isolation and Tranquility

At the same time you can visit a variety of places that wouldn’t be possible if you were staying in a hotel room. Therefore, the places you going to visit, driving a Luna RV or Yacht, will be of unique beauty (we will share all our secrets with you!); away from many people, if this is what you seek.

Unconventional and Conventional

Luna holidays are definitely a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. It is often heard that those who choose a camper or a yacht for the first time, do not return to the ”conventional” holidays! At the same time, they retain all the fundamental elements of conventional vacation comforts, such as sleeping on a soft and comfortable bed, taking a shower, cooking etc.

Active and Relaxed

If you are in an energetic mood during the trip, you can take several initiatives by living the adventurous life or try an extreme sport. On the other hand, you can simply enjoy your trip and relax.

In nature and into the cosmic

Within a short space of time you can transport yourself from the heart of nature into the core of cosmic life, to some of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places among other travelers of different cultures.

For Luna Trips RVs & Yachts safety comes first and second and third…

It is highly advisable not to wear any shoes or flip-flops in the cabin that you wear outdoors. The inside might have a floor that is particularly sensitive, sometimes. Shoes are forbidden inside the RV camper unless they are not used outdoors and have no heels.

WARNING! Avoid driving with slippers since it is dangerous.

During the Luna Trip (while driving) people should not move around and everybody must wear a seat belt or a life jacket.
Alcohol use is forbidden during driving with lower limits 0,25-40g/l.

Pets up to approximately 8 kg are welcome. In this case it is mandatory to biologically clean the RV or Yacht camper after your trip is finished, with an extra charge of 60€.

We can give you some useful tips, from our accumulating experience, to make your vacation with a camper van unforgettable!

  • At each stop don’t forget to buy your provisions for cooking. This will dramatically reduce the total cost of food. Choose only taverns and restaurants for special dinners.
  • Gaze at the night sky away from organized camping areas or marines, on a beach of your choice, and watch the stars dancing. You will wake up next morning and think that you are still in a dream.
  • Surround your unique moments on the trip with music of your choice. More often than not, there are no neighbors.
  • If your group is large, just consult us for renting a second Luna RV or Yacht. You will experience the most special trip ever, as a “fleet” and have great fun since we will provide you with walkie talkies!

The climate of Greece is Mediterranean with mild temperatures, low humidity and sunshine over 300 days a year.

In warmer months (July – August), daily temperatures range from 25 °C to 35 °C whereas in the colder months (January – February) from 10 °C to 16 °C.

The road trip network of Greece is generally good with many asphalted roads.

Driving a large motorhome/automobile on any road requires your utmost attention. You have to drive slowly when crossing several mountainous and secondary roads as they are narrow in general. While crossing the villages, be careful because you may find children playing on the street or the elderly trying to cross it. Avoid getting close to historical sights (if not allowed) unless you are driving a small camper van or an overland 4×4. When you pass by or park near trees, balconies and awnings, pay special attention to the upper part of the RV camper. This is where most of the accidents occur.

The speed limits are: 90 km/h on the Highway, 70 km/h secondary roads and 40 km/h in towns and villages, unless the traffic signs show otherwise.

While being in the sea, manage your time right if you go bareboat so that you find a docking space early enough. Greek harbors can get really crowded in high season.

We require from our customers to:

  • Be 23 years of age or older.
  • Have a category B driver’s license for 3 years minimum.
  • Have a full and current driver’s license.  Suspended or sanctioned licenses are not accepted for any reason.
  • If you wish for an airport/bus station pickup or from anywhere else, please let us know of your flight/bus arrival details by sending us an e-mail. Make sure you have received confirmation from us.
  • Please ensure you have confirmed that your license is valid.
  • Please ensure your credit card has enough funds available to pay for any insurance.

You will be most comfortable in our RVs or Yachts if you pack your belongings in a duffel (type) bag. There is plenty of storage in the campers for soft/small bags. Large suitcases are OK to bring but not ideal. We are more than happy to store your large suitcases, in case are travelling from Chania to Chania or from Athens to Athens.

If you have any questions please send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you and sending you on a memorable adventure!

We are a free camping oriented company and our RVs are highly autonomous for you to park almost anywhere (except the city center of Athens & Thessaloniki and especially vintage vehicles with diesel engines). Because of our ecological approach since all of our RVs have emergency cassette toilets and water waste boxes for the sink we offer great sense of freedom.

The Greek law gives you permission to camp in organised campings and designated areas for a 24 hours stop without using the sun canopy, the exterior table and chairs. The law is very loose here though and only in some touristic places might be given a notice, in case for example you are there for many days they may suggest that you should move to another place because you are not “stopping” but you are “camping”.

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