Here at Luna Trips RVs & Campervans & Yachts We Are Genuinely Aware Of Our Responsibility To Maintain Clean Some Of The Most Crystal Clear Waters and most Green Forests In The World!

Greece combines the sea salt with the olive oil, sage and songs in natural coves and sheltered harbors. Its spirit resides in groves and vineyards; situated on ridges, trails and caves. The vastness of nature, away from the stress and pressure of a mundane modern reality, reveals a distinct world beyond time and obligations. More than anything though, Greece is the sun and the sea! But the thing about Greece is that it’s much more than that during Autumn, Spring and Winter. Forests, waterfalls, gorges, lakes and villages will capture your soul.

Our Existential Belief Is That In Order For Us To Have A Positive Impact On The World, We First Need To Adopt The Kind Of Lifestyle That We Would Love To See In Others. It’s Our Responsibility To Inspire People To That Direction.

We are working hard to minimize the use of plastic, provide RVs with the latest technology of lowering CO2 emissions, running our office and having our vehicles equipped with solar, consistently improve our operations with using less and less water and of course recycling.

Luna Trips RVs & Campers is extremely proud to support environmental projects by donating 1 % of our annual turnover, minimizing CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

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