Greece is a very safe destination with minimal to zero chances of theft, burglaries and attacks on tourists!

By booking an RV or a Yacht with us you are having 24/7 road assistance for every rental.

In addition, you can call us or send a message at any time and day for information, advice or any problems you may have. If necessary, we will come for help wherever you are. 

All of our RVs & Yachts have full “Zen” type insurance included in the price!

! Please note – our insurance policies cover the RV & Yacht only. We highly recommend you have your own travel insurance for your personal belongings.


Full insurance*

No liability for damage.

1.500€ for RVs – 3.000€ for Yachts with Excess and Security Deposit Bond frozen on credit card

Zen type full insurance is always included in all of our vehicles without an additional charge.

What is the difference between third party insurance of the competition and our full insurance “Zen”?

Full insurance covers you for accidental damage caused by you or others. It can also cover expenses arising from legal action brought against you following a road accident.

Third party insurance means that if a third party (another vehicle) crashes at you on their fault we are covered and so do you.  In case an accident it’s your fault though insurance covers you for third parties (other vehicles) damages but not for the ones made in your vehicle.

Damage by fire or theft, vandalism, windscreen repair or replacement cover, and car stereo theft are also covered.

What are the benefits of our full insurance “Zen”?

  • Allows you to claim for accidents that are your fault
  • If your RV is stolen,  insurance pays to replace it
  • If your RV has been damaged and fault can’t be proven, will cover the damage over the excess of 1.500€. This would apply where, for example, you return to your car to find that someone has hit it and driven off without leaving their contact details.
  • It provides peace of mind while you will be driving an unfamiliar vehicle in a foreign country so please note that road rules and conditions may differ from what you are expecting.

You need to have a valid driver’s simple license category B for at least 3 consecutive years to rent one of our RV campers.

A security deposit – bond (see insurance type above), is required prior check in or upon check in the latest and will cover any damage and/or loss of the RV or Yacht and its equipment during the road trip. The security deposit is fully refundable if no damage was inspected during the check-out. Please note that you will need to have sufficient funds in your credit card to freeze the bond amount when you collect the campervan.  The funds will be frozen for the entire duration of your trip and will be released upon return.

One way transfer fees on charge:

Transfer from/to Athens Αirport / Piraeus Port / Athens Center: 40€ per route

Transfer from/to Elliniko Metro Station: 30€

** In case of Athens to Chania or Chania to Athens transfer there might be an additional fee, upon pre booking notice.

* In any other case and upon request it is 1€/km from our base.

One Way Fees (from to Alimos Marina):

Lavrion 150€

Skiathos 800€

Paros 650€

Santorini 850€

Kos / Rhodes 1.200€

Lefkas 1.400€


Check-in time: 09:00am – 19:00pm

Check-out time: 09:00am – 20.00pm | Failure to do so will be subjected to additional charges.

24 hours reservations charge system.


Embarkation time: 17:00

Disembarkation time: 09:00

Late check out (under request) from 10:00 till 18:00 is subjected to a half-day extra fee.

Obligatory, the yacht must return in the base the day before, the latest at 18:00 (failure to do so will lead to service charge).

Note 1: Guaranteed Early Check in means that we offer embarkation at 14:00 begin the check in at that time. Although Luna Yacht provides guaranteed early check-in, this might not be possible if the yacht needs repairs or arrival from previous charter is delayed due to weather. If early check-in is not possible then guests are not charged.

Note 2: Airport transfer from 00:00 to 06:00 is charged at a different rate.

  • All prices in European Euro (€)
  • 100% of the total booking fee due and payable upon reservation to confirm booking
  • Prices include local taxes and VAT (these are subject to change without prior notice. Should any changes in applicable tax legislation take place after booking, that result in change of total amount(s) due, then the difference will be credited or debited)
  • Payment of booking fee can be made via credit / debit cards (VISA or MasterCard, not American express), via bank transfer, PayPal or cash

Step 1: Check availability of the RV or Yacht of your choice through the calendar (if the date is visible, it means that it is available for those dates, hooray!). Or you can use the global search button and check all the available vehicles for you dates of choice. If your dates are flexible please contact us through email or phone call so that we can analyze your needs and give you more options.

Step 2: If the RV or Yacht is available for the chosen period, proceed to the next step and enter your check in/out dates and pick up time and drop off time.

Step 3: Choose any optional basic or extra equipment and/or interest in additional sports activities/experiences and upgrade your RV camper insurance if you want.

Step 4: Read and agree to the terms and conditions and then press the quote button to add your personal information (email, name, tel etc) and also write any special demands you may have. You can always contact us via email.

Step 5: You can choose your payment options: Online card (an Epay payment environment will pop up for you), Bank transfer (an invoice will be send with our bank details), PayPal or Cash (if it happens that you pass by our office).

You will automatically receive a confirmation from our system as soon as possible, with your booking reference, reservations details, final discounts (early booking, repeated client etc).

Step 6: You have 48 hours to make your payment after step 5. Alternatively, contact us via email, if you face any difficulty.

Step 7: Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you your final Completed email notice plus the link to our travel guide and road trip network of partners. * Be advised that no payment or flight bookings should be made until you have received the final confirmation email notice of Completed from Luna Trips.

Step 8: The Security Deposit will be hold during check-in.

Step 9: You will complete the booking by signing the contract.

  • Bank transfer: Luna Trips bank account details are provided upon the booking confirmation and payment acceptance in the form of bank/wire transfer. If payment is made via bank transfer, it is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that the correct amount is transferred (in reference to exchange rates for EUR (€) prices).
  • Credit card(s): Credit cards which are usually accepted by Luna Trips are “Mastercard” and “Visa” (warning: payment using credit card is accepted in accordance to the limits authorized by your credit card issuer). The credit card holder must be identified as the charterer (the “main renter” as mentioned on the booking agreement) OR needs to have written consent, in the form of a third party authorization form, for payment made with someone else’s credit card.

Fuel, water, provisions, organized camping fees.

Absolutely no fees apply! Feel free to adjust your reservation, subject to availability, or postpone it and receive a voucher valid for 18 months, redeemable for any of our campervans or yachts.

  • More than 6 months before check-in: 10% cancellation fee will be charged
  • From 6 months to 8 weeks before check-in: 30% cancellation fee will be charged
  • 8 weeks till check in date 50% cancellation fee will be charged

*Service fee is never included in the refund

Important: We always try to find a solution for our customers whenever a problem occurs. As soon as you realize that you might postpone the booking please get in touch. We are always happy to help by providing a 18-month voucher for you to use in any of our RVs or Yachts.

Probably the roads of Greece are different to what you’re used to. Distances may seem short on the map, but our roads can be narrower than you’re used to, inclined or with a lot of turns. Before you begin your journey, learn more about what’s different about driving in Greece:

For example:

  • we drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • our roads are narrower, more winding and sometimes steeper than you might expect.
  • not all roads have great lighting.
  • seat belts are compulsory for everyone in the RV camper.
  • it’s illegal to use a mobile phone or smoking while driving
  • driving while wearing sleepers of flip-flops instead of shoes should be avoided

We want you to have a great trip and arrive safely at your destination, so make sure you allow plenty of time and take regular breaks. The trip may be slower, but the scenery is amazing, so take your time and enjoy your journey.

Avoid fatigue

If you’re tired, you’re much more likely to have an accident. Before driving, allow plenty of time to rest when you first arrive in Greece and make sure you get as much rest as you need before each long drive. In addition, allow yourself enough time to drive safely between your destinations. If you find your attention limited while driving, pull over to the roadside and take a rest into your RV camper.

Watch your speed

Excessive speed is one of the main causes of death or serious accidents on our roads.

If there is a line of traffic behind you, find a safe place to pull over and let them go past.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs, including some drugs given to you by a doctor, can seriously affect your driving. They can slow your reaction times and affect your senses. You risk causing serious injury to yourself and other people, if you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you have any questions at all please let us know – your safety is incredibly important to us and we’re here to help!

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