As soon as we disembarked on this island in 2005 for the first time, Crete became the shelter we have eagerly been looking for; not only as a place to spend our holidays on, but also as a genuine paradise where everything is possible. However we never abandoned neither our birth city and second Luna base, that of Athens, nor the beautiful Peloponnese and Evia island which still play an important role as the origin of our childhood greatest memories and campers secrets.

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After spending more than twenty years in sports management, catamaran sailing and yachting business, providing camping on the sea to adventurous travelers, we combined our love for luxurious compact motorhomes/automobiles and versatile flexible vans. Our RVs experience connected all the dots that represent our favorite destinations in one big road trip circle of partnerships and experiences. All those years we sought hidden spots & places, tried hard to find the best tips locals have to offer and eventually we combined all these campers experiences to our network of discount partners and to the greatest travel guide for campers! That was when Hermes and his crew, designed Luna Trips RVs & Yachts Road Trip & Sailing Network.

While in this balsamic Moon phase, you need more nurturing time than ever before, alone or with loved ones. It’s time for long luxuriant dives into the sea, tranquil nights reading, listening to music or doing the most natural thing of all: chatting with those you admire, sharing experiences, your deepest fears and your highest dreams, preparing a meal as a token of appreciation to yourself and those around you, spending time in serenity and isolation. This LunaTrips Campers experience is as unique as the logo’s moon eclipse…


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