The new-fangled Lagoon 40 2018 by the French catamaran builder is a truly user-friendly forty-footer catamaran designed with an emphasis on both performance and interior appeal. It is the perfect vessel to rent or hire for a sailing vacation with family or friends. With its new features, it is set to retire older models of the Lagoon which have set the standard for a vacation yacht. With its upgraded lodgings, it can safely and comfortably accommodate guests. With its power and operational agility that could give a good turn of speed, it’s no wonder that the new Lagoon 40 can become a top-notch choice when it comes to cruising comfort for boat enthusiasts, sea adventurers and ordinary vacationers alike

Upon setting your eyes to the Lagoon 40, its aesthetic beauty stands out. While maintaining the genes of its predecessors, it simultaneously creates a unique style and design because of its distinct, streamlined, and adept design, hefty portholes, and stunning view. This produces the refined and sophisticated unit, highlighted by the chamfer that extends from its bow to the stern. This new generation Lagoon can pioneer the future trend of catamaran boats in terms of performance and interior aesthetics that could turn in its model forerunners for good.


The boat is ideal for your family and friends to combine relaxation and fun together!

It is very well-equipped for your comfort with miscellaneous such as a flat TV, CD and MP3 players, wifi, coffee maker, microwave, holding tank, and many more.


Prices start at: 3,699.99 for 7 nights (+taxes and fees)


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